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In India, incense has been used to grace religious rituals and serve as a spiritual and healing tool since Vedic times. This 5000 year old tradition continues to inspire us in creating a new generation of products that help as protective tools against health hazards.

Puja Incense was born in 2003 in Mumbai-India, as an incense manufacturing & trading company. We create and supply incense sticks of world-class standards, way ahead of our competitors in quality, fragrance and lasting ability. Each incense stick is created with the utmost care; we are personally committed to delivering nothing but the very best!!

Puja Incense offers 100% effective Mosquito & Insect Repellent Incense Sticks, more powerful than any other in the market, yet safe enough to use around infants. Nobody likes being bitten by insects. Not only is it a nuisance but mosquitoes, in particular, carry potentially fatal diseases like Dengue and Malaria, the latter being responsible for thousands of deaths each year all over the world. Puja Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks create a pleasant, peaceful and protective environment. Puja Incense fragrances have the inherent quality of creating a meditative & positive atmosphere. From the very beginning, we have been conscious of the use of incense as a spiritual tool to refresh the mind, body & soul, remove impurities and awaken the spirit; bringing plentiful peace & abundance. Same as prayers purify one from within; Puja Incense purifies the physical environment with the power of fragrance.

Today Puja Incense is a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Premium and Natural Incense Sticks. We specialize in fragrance creation to provide our customers with an experience that will last a lifetime. Puja Incense Mosquito Repellents & Fragrances are exported to over 25 countries across Africa & around the world. The holistic use of Puja Incense helps one to live a safer, fuller & happier life.

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Puja Naturel Relax Citronella & Lemon Mosquito Repellent Sticks are currently being sold in the countries mentioned below:
- South Africa
- Togo
- Ivory Coast
- The Gambia
- Mali
- Burkina Faso
- Niger
We encourage you to get in touch with us with your requirements, we would be happy to serve you.